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HD Teardrop Shift Knob

HD Teardrop Shift Knob

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Crafted out of CNC-cut billet aluminum, inspired by the NSX-R shift knob, the HD TearDrop is the perfect shift knob for track use to daily use. Weighing ~140 grams with a 44mm diameter and 100mm length the HD TearDrop has a nice weight that makes every shift feel connected and notchy. The Shift knobs are cut out of one solid piece of billet aluminum down to spec, they are then drilled and tapped, clear anodized, and finally topped off with the HawkDown logo etched and final quality control. With a m10x1.5 threading, this shift knob will fit all Hondas and some other cars but can fit different sizes using a thread adapter. The HawkDown Teardrop has been tested rigorously by hawkdown drivers and engineers all over the world to be crafted to perfection.


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